About Us

Localcharacteristic of a particular place : not general or widespread   

Stylea manner of doing something

House: a building devoted to a particular activity

Local Style House opened in September of 2021.  The name pays tribute to a part of Central Florida where on any giving weekend, "locals" are hitting the beach, boating, watching the latest Broadway hit at a center for performing arts, dining out, barbequing by the pool, golfing, visiting a food and wine festival, visiting the "House of Mouse" or casting spells in a world of wizards.   

We work hard, play hard, and love our community.  We have our own sense of style, shaped by our weather, our lifestyle, and our diverse regional, national and international influences in fashion.   We try to constantly bring new items under our roof to share with friends and neighbors far and wide. We deserve to treat ourselves and our friends and family to things that make us look good and feel good. 

Whether you are an expert shopper or someone that needs a hand picking out the perfect outfit or gift, we created a space for everyone to feel at home in the quaint and beautiful Victoria Park Village Center.  

Whether you were born and raised in Volusia County or just moved in from up north, everyone is a local at Local Style House.