Best Colors To Wear During The Summertime

Best Colors To Wear During The Summertime

Best Colors To Wear During The Summertime

Summer is quickly approaching, and you know what that means? It's time to dust up your summer wardrobe and show it off to the world! The key to putting together summer clothing is to select bright, rich colors. 

Local Style House wants to help with your summer outfits, we’ve cultivated the most popping and happy-driven colors list to help add a spark to your summer outfit. Summer apparel colors include those found in the summer sun, fruits, grass, and the ocean.


In the summer, white is a beautiful color to wear. Many Americans wear white in the summer because it reflects sunlight and keeps you cooler than any other hue due to its ability to reflect all wavelengths of heat.

The best reason to wear white in the summer is because it pairs well with any other bold hue you want to swagger in with confidence. Adding colors such as turquoise, pink, or even some green to your white jeans, shirt, or dress can assist your color shine, causing others on the street you're walking on to turn heads.

White pants may be paired with a white or color-blended top for an easy-to-wear summer look. Accessorize all white ensembles with gold accessories, or add a pop of color with a bright belt, purse, or shoes. 

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Matching with the sun is the epitome of summer! Aside from adding a cheery appeal to your warm-weather wardrobe, yellow clothing such as fit and flowery dresses are ideal for your summer activities. Wearing yellow flatters every body shape and moves with you, making it the most comfortable hue to wear all day.

Whether for business or pleasure, a yellow dress or blouse with matching shoes gives the ideal impression that you're ready to delve into the summer with both fun and style.


Pink is one of the universal favorite colors to wear year-round in women's fashion. It’s most popularly worn along with summery shades like white, orange, or any pastel color for the summer fashion season.

Pink foundation ensembles, such as the trendy large pink suit, jumpsuit, or flowy pink dress, maybe sophisticatedly complemented with vivid color shoes, such as teal or white, or even a simple pair of wide denim jeans.

While pink is often linked with the brighter color palettes of spring and summer, it can be worn all year if you select the most suitable tone for the season and your outfit. Pink in bright tones is perfect for spring and summer, while pink in subdued shades may be worn all year.

Lime Green

At first glance, a stunning lime green color may appear to be the ideal color to wear all year round. However, by omitting the added contrast and acidity that lime green brings, it is a perfect accent to your summer ensemble, especially to capitalize on the tropical touch that Florida fashion loves.

A basic white t-shirt with a lime green flowing skirt and a pair of natural wedges is a striking combination for the casual goer out for errands, or a lime green flowery dress is ideal for that great summer day you've been looking forward to for months.

Sunset Orange

Orange has risen to the top of the list of hot summer hues, thanks to the efforts of all the fashionistas. The orange is ideal for improving your summer flow without the need for additional layers or colors.

The best approach to pull off your orange style is to match it with bright colors or white for a playful impact. The colors merge remarkably nicely with every color we can think of, including dark tones you wouldn't expect to work with. You can't go wrong with mixing orange into your summer look.

Stay Away From Dark Colors

We should not wear dark-colored garments in the summer since they absorb more heat, transmit it to the skin, and make the person hotter.

While deeper and brighter hues (like black and blue) and white hide perspiration, dark and light grays are unforgiving. Next time you're planning your summer wardrobe, consider sticking to that white summer dress or any of the outfit combinations we suggested.

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