Dressing Up For The Day Can Lift Your Mood

Dressing Up For The Day Can Lift Your Mood

Dressing Up For The Day Can Lift Your Mood

You might’ve heard the old saying; “you are what you wear” from time to time in your head, your mother, or from your favorite fashion stylist. That’s a philosophy that we believe in at Local Style House. We believe that the truest way to represent yourself, in and out, is with an outfit that can express all of the emotions running through your body. 

Although, we understand that there are bad days too. Sometimes, you want to enjoy your cup of coffee outside in whatever you feel is cozy while you’re breathing in the day. The best part about fashion is that one ravishing outfit can change all of that. In this article, we will be going through ways your mood can be lifted by just dressing up for the day!

Dressing Up Can Help You Feel More Confident About The Day

Every day is unexpected; no one knows what awaits us when the sun rises, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't put work into yourself and your state of mind to conquer the day like a star! Instead of tossing and turning in bed, take that additional hour to pick the clothing you'd like to tackle the day in!

Completing a few early activities or performing well at your morning meeting while dressed to the nines might make you feel like you're on top of the world! As stupid as it may sound, this will influence how you execute your job that day, your confidence in meetings, and even how you respond to unpleasant emails. When you're feeling happy, you're more inclined to be kind to others.

Wearing Your Favorite Outfits Can Attract Compliments

When you attempt something new, the anticipation of how the general public will regard your fashion decision grows. Wearing your preferred attire may also offer a positive twist to how glamorous you appear. Local Style House believes in being genuine to oneself, but receiving a great comment for wearing an outfit that you believe is authentic to oneself is the finest way to lift one's spirits.

Being the bright spot in someone's day may provide great enjoyment and validation to your own actions; it makes you feel valued and makes it difficult not to grin, and we all know that "smiles are contagious"!

Dressing Up Helps You Feel Put Together for the Day

Even if you're dressed casually, you may add some pep to your step and brightness to your outlook by selecting the proper wardrobe for you. When running an errand in the afternoon or picking up your children after soccer practice.

Consider your favorite casual day outfit—perhaps one of your fit and flare dresses or a warm flannel shirt—and plan to do errands in it. You can always change back into your slippers and sweatpants when you get home, but for a few hours, you can immerse yourself in the feel-good vibe that your favorite casual top or dress may provide.

Colors Can Improve Your Mood and the Moods of Others!

When you wear bright colors on dreary days, it might instantly lift and boost your mood. It's conceivable that you're not feeling well on a certain day, but you'd be amazed at how many people would consider you approachable based on the colors you're wearing.

Wearing colors that express your personality's attitude might brighten the day of a stranger. Try donning a brightly colored dress or sweater and looking in the mirror; we guarantee you'll feel the best, which is terrific energy to transmit to others. Bright colors are associated with a good mood; otherwise, why are bright stickers and graphics so appealing?

Who is the Local Style House?

Local Style House opened in September of 2021. On any given weekend, "locals" can be seen at the beach, boating, attending the newest Broadway production at a performing arts center, dining out, barbequing by the pool, golfing, visiting a food and wine festival, visiting the "House of Mouse," or casting spells in a world of wizards.

We work hard, play hard, and are strongly invested in our community. Our sense of style is created by our weather, lifestyle, and many regional, national, and global fashion influences.

We established a welcoming environment in the lovely and gorgeous Victoria Park Village Center in DeLand.

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